The Difference is Clear

I thought solar panels were delicate and made of glass?
Discard all your pre-conceptions about solar cells. With Solarpac think innovative, lightweight and flexible. Clear Blue Hawaii has collaborated with one of the only companies in the world who has managed to combine the extraordinary power of CIGS technology with durable and convenient materials. In contrast to standard panels, it is virtually impossible to break or damage our water resistant solar panel through regular use. The military origin of the Solarpac technology means that if a bullet were to pierce the panel it would still work, as energy would be drawn from the remaining independent cells.

What does CIGS mean?
The Acronym CIGS stands for Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide. This revolutionary technology is used by NASA and the military due to the ability of the panels to withstand significant physical punishment. Unlike other solar cell technology, CIGS is so advanced that it suffers very little deterioration in efficiency over time, an ability that recent scientific research uncovered was due to the fact that CIGS solar panels repair themselves!
Is Solarpac complicated to use?
Not in the slightest, it was made for practical every day use and that is how it works. The only conscious thought required is to check that the appropriate voltage is selected for the device you are charging (see section on 'Battery Use')
Can I use Solarpac near Water?
The modern water-resistant technology used by Solarpac means you need not worry about water splashing over your bag from the paddle of your Clear Blue Hawaii kayak, or an occasional rain shower in the Amazon.
The interior of Solarpac has been specially treated with a polyurethane coating which provides an excellent level of water resistance for the most active of lifestyles, although it could not be submerged underwater, it has been created to survive vigorous use.
Please note that although your Solarpac is water-resistant, the items you are charging may not be!
Do the solar panels require any maintenance?
Solarpac is intended to be totally user friendly in every respect, from the fit of the straps to the solar panel itself. It uses the same solar technology that is currently trusted by the armed forces; as such it can withhold the physical abuse expected as an everyday norm out in the field. Because Solarpac uses new CIGS technology, it is not necessary to perform any maintenance as the cells are extremely hard wearing and durable.
In order for the panels to perform at optimum levels, it is best to avoid obstructing sunlight from reaching the solar cells. If you accumulate dirt after climbing up the face of a cliff, or get covered in mud whilst mountain biking through forests, simply wipe any debris off by using a damp cloth. It's as easy as that.
How do I optimize the charge time?
For maximum power output, maintain contact with direct sunlight and ensure nothing is blocking sunlight from getting to the panel. Solarpac is still effective during low light levels or cloud cover, with charge times increasing depending on how restricted the solar exposure is.
What are the benefits of using Solarpac?
By incorporating the solar panel into Solarpac, we have cleverly added a new level of practicality to an everyday object. With the popularity of cellular phones, MP3 players and other personal electronics, we recognized the need to provide an effortless personal energy source.

Using the most up to date solar technology available (CIGS), Solarpac utilizes the immense power of the sun to provide electricity for the modern traveler with a clear conscience that the energy being used is clean, renewable and free. The days of carrying the extra weight of multi-pack batteries 'just in case', or hoping you have enough charge left until you reach your destination, are gone.

Furthermore, CIGS cells create more electricity from the same amount of sunlight compared to other thin-film technology cells and therefore provides a higher "conversion efficiency". This is what allows Solarpac to power 90% of cell phones and personal devices without the need for a large capacity battery to boost output.
The sleek and contemporary design of Solarpac is intended to suit surroundings from the Sahara to Manhattan, concealing the true functionality that it provides. At Clear Blue Hawaii we do not put technology and looks alongside each other, we merge them into one seamless product.

Using Solarpac feels so natural it is easy to forget that a power source is on your back. That is, until you need it.
By integrating solar panel technology into a backpack, it will become clear that there are simple and readily available alternatives to mains supply electricity that can be applied to common items.
Can I adapt Solarpac?
Due to the infinite uses for Solarpac, it was clear that we needed to create a product that could be altered easily. As the solar panels will fit as standard into any Clear Blue Hawaii Solarpac module, a variety of backpack options have been generated for our customers.
Whether you are going to the office, gym, or hiking, just select whichever bag module is suitable for that day and effortlessly switch the solar panel over.
For activities when all you need is a bag, and solar energy is not necessary, the solar panel can be removed from the casing and stored safely, although it is so light you probably won't bother!
When extra energy is required, additional solar panels can be bought separately and daisy-chained together to provide even more electricity. By linking the power between solar panels, output can be increased by double or triple depending on the amount of modules daisy chained.
The endless applications for Solarpac are truly staggering.