The Difference is Clear

The general purpose Makaha comes with an ovalized (2) two piece take-apart fiberglass shaft providing a high strength-to-weight ratio. The Asymmetrical blades are made out of a polypropylene fiberglass reinforced blend. The blade design helps in equalizing pressure and minimizing torque for a smoother entry and exit.

Specifications :
Weight   1.048kg
Length   220cm or 230 cm
Blade Material   Polypropylene Fiberglass Reinforced
Blade Shape   Asymmetrical
Blade Size   51.5 x 18.5 (cm)
Shaft Material   Fiberglass
Shaft Type   (2) Two Piece Take Apart
Features :
- Fiberglass Shaft (High Strength-to-Weight Ratio)
- Asymmetrical Blades
(Polypropylene Fiberglass Reinforced)
- Multiple Feather Angles
- 2 Piece Take Apart Shaft
- Excellent Overall Value