Clear Blue Hawaii

The Difference is Clear

Clear Blue are proud to be able to say that the top model Napali is not only the sole transparent foldable kayak in the world; it is also among the very lightest, weighing only 12kg. The Napali masterpiece is an unrivalled blend of function and style. Voted by Fortune magazine as the top outdoor product of the year 2003 and by Time magazine as one of the coolest inventions of 2003, it was also nominated for the prestigious SGMA award ‘Sports Product of the Year 2004’, the Academy Award of the sporting goods industry.

The Napali is supported by a high-tech, durable and corrosion-resistant internal Carbon Kevlar frame system that comes equipped with a transparent military-grade Urethane skin, keeping the weight at a minimum. The leading-edge innovation allows the kayak to fold up small enough to fit into a hiking backpack, yet still offer the endless possibilities for discovery that transparent kayaks give. This makes the Napali the ideal kayak for long-distance touring, back-country kayaking and vacational travels that require easy transport.

One may think that the high functionality and light weight of the boat were built at the expense of design. However, when you look at the Napali, you’ll soon forget the meaning of the word “compromise”. The Napali even offers extraordinary visual appeal with a dazzling look and graceful, elegant presence that is unparalleled in the world of kayaking. The sleek lines and soft curves of its streamlined body radiate pure dynamic energy, even when the Napali is only hanging on its rack, motionless. Outstanding quality and craftsmanship can be seen and felt in every detail of the Napali’s construction.

What has been accomplished in the engineering of the Napali is a new, fully versatile breed of kayak that is exceptional from any perspective. Clarity is its core, intelligent design its gift. It is not without a cause that the Museum of Modern Art in NYC decided to feature the Napali as a permanent piece of exhibition starting in Autumn 2004.

Come experience a new exhilarating way of kayaking – endorphins guaranteed.

Length 4.0m
Width 560mm
Weight 11.8kg
Load Capacity 136kg