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- Questions Concerning Our kayak models -

Where can I buy a Clear Blue Hawaii kayak?
Through us at Clear Blue Hawaii Australia or through a number of stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. Contact us on 1300 72 9992 for details of your nearest store.

How do scratches on the hulls of the Molokini affect visibility?
Scratch resistance test performed on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, over coral chunks and lava rocks have yielded low visibility loss. The moment the product is introduced into the ocean the water fills in the scratches.

How impact resistant is the material of the Molokini?
The Molokini is made out of polycarbonate, the same material used on fighter jets. Other usage of the material includes submarine view ports and bulletproof glass.

How puncture resistant are the Hanauma and the Napali?
The Hanauma is made of an 840 - denier nylon skin and an inflatable four - chamber system, thereby light yet durable and rugged enough. The Napali is built with a Carbon / Kevlar frame system and Urethane skin. Urethane is a very pliable material thus making it difficult to puncture.

How well do the kayaks track?
All Clear Blue Hawaii kayaks track very well. The Molokini comes equipped with a retractable skeg system, the Hanauma includes 3 embedded skegs and the Napali has a remarkable tracking ability based on hull shape alone.

How stable are the kayaks?
There a three different levels of stability :
The Molokini has a semi flat bottom and is 33.5" causing greater water displacement and the user sits low close to the deck, which translates into a low center of gravity.
The Hanauma is 34" wide and has independent air chambers. Air is very buoyant making Hanauma our most stable model.
Napali is made for performance meaning that the hull is narrower allowing for more speed and less drag.
Napali is designed more for an intermediate to experienced kayaker.

Are Clear Blue Hawaii kayaks ok for beginners?
Yes, Clear Blue Hawaii kayaks ( Molokini & Hanauma ) were specifically designed with the novice user in mind.

Are they good for long distance kayaking?
Yes, Clear Blue Hawaii kayaks can be used for long distance paddling, which is facilitated through the skeg system, yet two out of the three models ( Molokini & Hanauma ) have been designed for recreational usage.

- Purchasing questions -

Does Clear Blue Hawaii Australia ship internationally?
Yes, Clear Blue Hawaii Australia can ship to a number of areas in the South Pacific. Please call or email for shipping information to particular areas.

What is your company's warranty policy?
Please click here to find our company's warranty policy. >>here

Do you have instructions available for the assembly of your products?
Please click on the following link to find instructions for easy assembly of our products.
Hanauma Manual
Molokini Manual

Are Clear Blue Hawaii boats suitable for the rental market?
Yes, our kayaks ( Hanauma & Molokini ) have been designed with the tourism & leisure markets in mind.

What accessories are available?
Please refer to the Accessories section for a detailed description. >>here